We are a team of researchers, technologists, programmers and university professors.

Our technology is based on novel electronic component called “Memristor”.

Our projects: Memristor chips, Memristor security, Memristor AI, Memristor R&D, BCI interface, QCI interface, Quantum energy.

Why memristor?

Memristor is new discovery of basic electronic component. Since its theoretical

discovery in 1971 and first practical realization in 2008 many experiments proved

Its unique features like: -Biological compatibility -Neural compatibility -Artificial neuron implementations -Quantum operating regions –

Their ability to store energy or information without external energy supply, differentiates

 them from any available electronic component known to mankind as of today.

How memristors are changing our world?

Memristors allows to extend scope of today technologies by expanding

their reach towards biological and botanical networks.

Yes, memristors are based on memristance what is physical phenomena

observed in plants, neural systems of mammals or human brain cells.

Memristors allowing us to form energy and information ecosystem

consisting out of machines, trees and animals!

BCI interface

Memristors been proved to have 99.7% neural signal compatibility with biological synapses.

We invested into project which organize memristors into biocompatible structures and substrates.

Project will deliver IP and prototypes for BCI substrates able to interact with biological organism without lost of information signal.

Yes, ion membranes in human body will be controlled by electrical signal rather than Poison or MRNA used by traditional pharmacy.

BCI interface project brief description

What is done:

  • R&D team composed
  • Investment into structural, control and SPICE model
  • Particular substrates and memristors selected

What is ask:

  • Support in organizing business meetings and contacts with biotech companies.

What is outcome:

  • Electronic prototype of memristor BCI substrate
  • Patents containing material and control structures
  • Cooperation with BCI startups and Bio-tech companies

Quantum energy

Plants been proved to have memristive behavior by previous experiments.

We are investing into research or possible replacement of photosynthesis membranes by memristors.

Project will deliver IP and prototypes of spherical memristors, biocompatible memristive membranes and quantum circuits based on memristors.

Yes, photosynthesis consumes ~95% of energy for own metabolism, while quantum entropy is being consumed. Our aim is to just to integrate into biggest source of energy on our planet.

Quantum energy project brief description

What is done:

  • R&D team composed
  • Primary research at quantum physics and biological signal processing been done by team members.
  • Design of quantum circuits and cell isolation methods

What is ask:

  • Support in relationship building with bioreactor operators (Tolouse, Krasnojarsk)

What is outcome:

  • Prototype of memristor based quantum circuit (spherical memristor, Jaynes-Cumming circuit based on memristors) •Patents containing structure, application and control methods
  • Plantoid interaction model (Tree operating system) for botanical robot applications.